The Show Must Go On

It's Monday, time to weigh-in. Last week I weighted 389.9, this week 387.4. I lost 2.6lbs. I'm pretty satisfied with those numbers actually. I do wonder if I could have maybe bumped that up to maybe 3lbs if I had not skipped Friday's in-door miles, but oh well. MyfitnessPal made a big deal about today's weight-in with the below image below.

Of course this doesn't include what I lost before I started using MyfitnessPal, though even I'm not sure what the final numbers are.

A few weeks back I watched the Billboard music Awards (which is an award show that essentially awards musicians  for chart success/actual success), at which Celine Dion was honored with Icon Award and she performed a cover of Queen's The Show Must Go On, which I had never heard. It was fantastic, particularly because of the context in which why she was singing it. Her husband and her brother both passed away  last year, within days of each other. Celine had to deal with two tragedies and still be strong for her kids and family. She accepted the award from her oldest son as she fought back tears (she didn't want him to see her cry) it was truly just genuinely magical. I actually teared up watching, there were so many things to take away. The show indeed must go on, if you can't do it for yourself, do it for someone else (who needs you).

Today, I'll look into the kidney specialist thing, I've been getting lightheaded regularly for that past several weeks and when I went to the psychiatrist last week the nurse said my blood pressure was low and asked me if I had been lightheaded or dizzy which I have been... often. I was told to talk to my doctor. My psychiatrist also held off on increasing a second medication until I bring her my kidney labs. I also just read that low blood pressure can cause kidney failure..................(remember that time I fainted last year? My anxious mind is really doing a number right now!)


  1. 150 lbs lost is incredible! So amazing.

    1. I keeping thinking about it, you know I have a hard time seeing the good with the numbers (when I want visuals), but that really does seem like a lot, and I did it on my own. I think I'm becoming more proud of it by the day actually.

      Thanks, Natalie. :)

  2. Checking to see if I can get a comment thru. Sometimes they post then disappear, maybe you are just moderating?

    1. No, actually I noticed this by chance, I was trying to reply on another comment (By Melissa) but accidentally deleted it, I was trying to see if I could recover it when I thought I'd see if it went to spam ( I remember once I recover so someones comment from spam) and that's where I seen this and about 8 other comments, some not from this year that had been wrongly filtered as spam. A lot more recent it seems.


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