Mug Shots

Tuesday already,  I didn't end up reading or scheduling any appointments yesterday but plan on making up for it today. I did however look into exercise videos and honestly I pretty much decided I'll just be sticking to what I'm doing even though it's starting to bore me. I'm just going to keep on doing the Leslie Sansone Videos. Yesterday's two miles seemed to go smoother than usual, I feel like I might finally be entering the mastering phase. I haven't attempted the 3 mile walk since a few weeks ago but I'm going to give it another go one day this week. Also Soon I'll be walking at the park, I'll fill you all in on that soon enough.

I entertained the thought of making videos again, not sure if any you remember when I was posting videos early last year. They stopped completely after my stint in the Behavioral Health Pavilion.  That was of course before I had numbers of my weight, I had no idea what I was losing. Though I can obviously be quite unhealthily obsessive about the little numerical details, it's nice to no longer be going at it blind (metaphorically).

Next week I'm dog sitting Belle, "Belle of the Ball, Queen of them all" this is the song I sing her every time I'm over there (thats the complete song...), I even started singing it like "B of the B, Q of them A" she still knows I'm talking about her and comes to me (I'm.. Odd I know). When I made up that song I was think of like those cheesy old Miss America pageant winning  songs from I-don't-know-when. I'll be watching her for an entire week while Nick and Melissa go on vacation. I did tell them last time I visited my issues about the pooping and peeing and they have since got things under control, or at least so I have been told.

None of these are recent, I think the latest is from April, she has gotten so big, and still growing!


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