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So Tuesday's appointment proved to be one of the more dramatic. It was the first time my psychiatrist  has ever called in my therapist for a sort of tag-team effort. As I've indicated in some posts last months my depression has been quite severe lately, my psychiatrist is quite worried I am slipping back to where I was before I originally started seeking treatment. She wants me to consider do a two week inpatient treatment  program to prevent further escalation. I rejected, but then agree  to consider it, the idea isn't sitting to well with me however. There's also been a change in my medication, the Lexapro is out, we are now going to try Prozac. I'm not very optimistic, simply because I remember how well the Lexapro seemed to work initially, same with the Zoloft. I won't get my hopes up to high.

My psychiatrist was tough on me about re-framing my thinking, and working more towards changing my Black or White thinking, which mirrors a lot what my therapist has …

Wheels In Motion

Losecember is full steam ahead, yesterday went well. I did my in door mile, ate 3 meals, started using  MyfitnessPal and finished the day just over 1500 calories, not quite the 2,000 the nutritionist is wanting, but I'm quite sure this is a lot better than the 800 ish I guesstimate I've been taking in regularly. This is the right step.

I don't remember if I have discussed this, so sorry if I have but, remember when I bought that fitness watch earlier in the year, I believe around the time I got the scale. I was still in the 530s, and for the watch to be able to be used to monitor heart rate or burned calories the minimum weight requirement was 438. I could not use any of its neat functions. Until a few weeks ago when I randomly grabbed the watched and noticed I was below the minimum weight. I could actually use the watch, I didn't see this as much of a big deal, though my therapist did. I also noticed the watched fit different, I could get more loops in the straps. I d…


Weight-in came and went and I'm up two pounds, ending November with a thud. I'd like to not repeat last months inconsistency and lack of progress so I'm deaming this month Losecember, pretty ambitious considering the time of the year, I know.

It's the official return of my indoor walking, I need to start burning calories, and being active in some kind of way, after all I was seeing better results earlier in the year when walking.

Chips forget about it, they are done. None for the month. None. I have wheat thins,  (but gosh they are no chip, not by any means). I'm reducing my processed foods by 80%, this will help with sodium. I will also return to daily usage of Myfitness Pal

Someone asked if Triscuts were supposed to be better for us, my nutritionist didn't exactly put them on a pedestal, but even before that recommendation I always thought they were really healthy because of the way they were made. However, the flavor I had, sour cream and chive, was interest…