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Losecember is full steam ahead, yesterday went well. I did my in door mile, ate 3 meals, started using  MyfitnessPal and finished the day just over 1500 calories, not quite the 2,000 the nutritionist is wanting, but I'm quite sure this is a lot better than the 800 ish I guesstimate I've been taking in regularly. This is the right step.

I don't remember if I have discussed this, so sorry if I have but, remember when I bought that fitness watch earlier in the year, I believe around the time I got the scale. I was still in the 530s, and for the watch to be able to be used to monitor heart rate or burned calories the minimum weight requirement was 438. I could not use any of its neat functions. Until a few weeks ago when I randomly grabbed the watched and noticed I was below the minimum weight. I could actually use the watch, I didn't see this as much of a big deal, though my therapist did. I also noticed the watched fit different, I could get more loops in the straps. I disregarded those seemingly minor things, but over the weeks the big deal my therapist made over it has stuck with me.

Yesterday while doing my in-door multi-muscle walk I decided to try it out for the first time. When I first got the watch it came with the heart rate monitor strap which goes wraps around your chest, it just would not expand around me. Once again I'd have to give it a try, this could have been a nightmare, however, it went around, and I set my watch to start tracking, burned 300 calories just doing the 1 mile, which really kind of explains some of those weigh-ins earlier in the year (not that they needed explaining). I remember wanting to be able to use the watch, I remember it being a goal of mine, I may have even written it in an earlier post, it's so odd then (or really, so completely Me), that when initially realized I was in weight range to use it, I didn't feel like I accomplished anything, same with the fit of watch. I'm certain though that it is a victory.

Stay tuned


  1. That is an amazing victory! You need to work on giving yourself credit for accomplishments, apparently it is really common not to. But it helps you keep going if you do.

  2. Wonderful accomplishment. You have made great process in 2015. Take a moment to be proud of yourself.

  3. I meant progress.

    1. Lol, I knew what you meant, and thank you :)


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