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Loose Skin

So there it is for all to see the loose, hanging skin on my arms that was once filled with nothing but fat. I didn't really pay too much attention to this growing phenomenon  until last year when a certain incident occurred that I deliberately decided not to write about because  I would not only discard the good things that happened that day, but turn this into an actual bigger issue. The incident occurred one of the first times I went to the gym solo and was coming back, it was one of the better days if I recall. I had my arm out the window (or on the window seal) enjoying the breeze and we were stopped at a red light. I noticed in my rear-view mirror that in one of the cars in the next lane was a guy talking to some woman, and he looked over at my arm and said "that guys got a really big arm." Then the light went green, it didn't really click to me at first, but when I was bigger I used to try to avoid hanging my arm on or out the window because I was embarrassed.…


So I must have truly had personal growth as many of you have noted, and my therapist has noted, and my psychiatrist noted and myself off and on. I spent a few days at my friends just recently where I dropped my iPad cracking the screen, it still works, I'm writing this post on it. It just truly is in bad shape and can't possibly take any kind of drop or  bump now, it looks tragic. I'll have to eventually get a new one, but I'm thinking this one will hold up for awhile (I hope), but because of the cracked glass it's now off limits to the nephews and that will devastate them because I always get them really cool apps based off of things they like. Anyways I wasn't really upset about cracking my iPad to near smithereens, I was a little sad but in the end I thought of the pros of the situation, hey I can still use it. This one of those times where depression monster could have come and just uppercut me right to the face and had me constantly sinking lower, but I…

Dusting Off The Video Cobwebs

Last year I considered a few times making a return to video blogging, only to have my main computer crash and the remaining laptop have overheating issues which made me give up on the endeavor. Fast forward, recently (like a little over a week ago) I was featured by two weight loss transformation  profiles on Instagram, with the combined attention my Instagram account has grown to nearly a thousand followers. I should note that these accounts typically have people send in there pictures and stories and they will decide if they'll post, but both contacted me asking to feature me which was really affirming because I had been aware of both transformation based profiles and would never have submitted myself at my current state, as good as it may be as a total loss, because I just didn't think it held up. Anyways, because of the influx of followers and questions I ended up shooting a quick video that required no editing and uploaded to my Instagram I actually don't even remembe…