Loose Skin

So there it is for all to see the loose, hanging skin on my arms that was once filled with nothing but fat. I didn't really pay too much attention to this growing phenomenon  until last year when a certain incident occurred that I deliberately decided not to write about because  I would not only discard the good things that happened that day, but turn this into an actual bigger issue. The incident occurred one of the first times I went to the gym solo and was coming back, it was one of the better days if I recall. I had my arm out the window (or on the window seal) enjoying the breeze and we were stopped at a red light. I noticed in my rear-view mirror that in one of the cars in the next lane was a guy talking to some woman, and he looked over at my arm and said "that guys got a really big arm." Then the light went green, it didn't really click to me at first, but when I was bigger I used to try to avoid hanging my arm on or out the window because I was embarrassed. When I looked out the window I realized my lose skin made my arm look huger than ever when pressed against the car. I became hyper-aware of that visual from that point and make sure my skin doesn't hang out the window now.

It's hard to think that at one point my arms were just pure round masses, with little to no muscle mass. The definition we can see up above is certainly from the work I've been putting in from my exercising throughout, I'm not flexing in this photo but there is certainly muscle there now.

Originally the post ended with the stuff from above but I felt like I should say some more, the loose skin is the aftermath of the battle of ongoing obesity but more importantly, in this case, overcoming it. The fat that's gone and is still shrinking away is a tribute, a tribute to everything I'm fighting for and for the past, for the pain and emotional woes that it brought. The loose skin isn't flattering, but it's me saying I'm winning this battle now, and soon the war will be mine.


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