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The Weeks Drawing Projects


The Weekend

Yesterday was a pretty great day, babysitting my nephew was a blast, and he is obsessed with Blues Clues as ever. My eating was good, I again stayed below my suggested calorie in take, with 1,400 to spare. Bowl of cereal for breakfast, I fasted until dinner, then I had soup and a sandwich. Did all my laundry and made my appointment with the dermatologists.

As for today, not much on the agenda.

The Week Ends

Yesterday my  appointment with the podiatrist went great, my doctor is very nice. We took some X Rays, and once my insurance approves it, he is going to make custom orthotics for my feet. It's the primary method for battling my plantar, and may even help with my knee pain (strictly my assumption). Yesterday was another stellar meal day. Of my suggested 3,610 a day calorie in take I ate  2,289 (too many for my liking), which left me with 1,321 to spare (far too little for my liking). The ball was dropped a bit with my sodium in take though. So for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal, and I fasted till dinner, I had two Spam (this is where the sodium came from) sandwiches and chips.

Yesterday while waiting in the doctors office I experienced what I can only describe as a depressive episode. I was fine for a while, then it just hit me, I felt ugly and hideous, I felt like life was over, like giving up, hopeless, ashamed, my anxiety was high, I was temporarily overwhelmed with feelings o…


Yesterday went totally perfect weight loss journey wise. I ate just over a thousand calories for the day, would have been more but that walk burned off a couple hundred. That day I went over my calories I blamed it mostly on my snacking, which was fair, but I didn't pay attention to my portions during breakfast that morning either. I had a bowl of Apple Jacks, normally when I eat cereal I fill the bowl to the top then add my milk. However when I looked at the box for servings per box, there were quite a lot, but the box only lasted two days between me and my mom. So the issue was that the bowls we were using equaled about 3 and a half servings each. So yesterday I made sure to use measuring cups to portion out my cereal, because 1 cup is a serving. It was a lot less than what I considered normal, but I was actually fine afterwards, and it felt good to know I was consuming a regular amount.

Today I meet the podiatrist, that should be insightful and hopefully rewarding in the long r…

1.4 Miles

I did almost a mile and a half. It's been a while since I walked there, I forgot how the path inclines, and declines, zig zags, curves and tilts. I must say it was very relaxing. I had my new headphones and old MP3 player handy to keep a consistent pace.

Fun fact about my MP3 player, I got it in 2006, it played a strong role in the weightloss I experienced that year from walking at the same park and to and from school. It uses one triple A battery, has a usb connector and a SD card slot. In the years since I've had this I've gone through 5 different generations of  iPod and yet this remains. It's not glamorous, but it works just as well now as it did then

I Went Overboard

Yesterday, for the first time... I went OVER my daily calorie in take by 90! I'm so disappointed. Where I went wrong was just being a little careless. I had desert yesterday, about a cup of toffee ice cream with some butter cookies, but that wasn't the issue (though avoiding sweets like these has been something I've practiced pretty much all year), I snacked several times through the day on chips, I dumped away so many calories in chips, I lost my sense of moderation. Plus when I recalibrated my  new weight in My Fitness Pal I was given a new calorie in take that was ironically 90 less than my previous, and that's exactly how much I went over. So today it is back to the new normal, my new daily in take is suppose to be 3610, but I'm going to eat half or less than half that for now on. There will be no more going over. I was doing so good I think I let my recent weightloss  loss get in my head a bit, which was something I feared would happen, but I won't let it …
Met with my caseworker this afternoon, nothing special, however I have been scheduled my meeting with the psychiatrist... Next month.. The 17th. In the mean time I made some other appointments, one with a family doctor and another with an orthopedist both of which are less than a week away, which only gives me slight anxiety. Tomorrow, pending weather, I'm going to go walk at the park. I'm eager to see what I can do in the wild. I've already got my walking music loaded on my MP3 player.

Yesterday I was much  closer to my daily calorie suggestion than Ive been since I started tracking. I still had just over a thousand calories to spare, but that's a lost less than usual. Finally got my stride back with water drinking too, past few days I've been really on a roll with my in take.

15 Pounds Down Is As Good As It Sounds

When I arrived home from my hospital stay I was 537 pounds. Today I weighed in at 522 pounds! 15 pounds down! It feels so good, I'm truly proud of myself, it's just nice to see a numeric decrease, solid proof. I'll be out of the 500s before I know it, now I know I have to kick it into gear.

I wish this feel could last forever!

(P.S my mom lost 2 pounds)


On today's agenda: Movie marathon day, but I will do one in door mile, I plan to draw something by the end of the day. Weigh in, I know I said I shouldn't weight myself so soon, but my mom wants to do weekly weigh ins on Mondays, so later on today look out for that.
For the week: 
Make a few medical appointments 
A mile a day
A drawing a day
Start my reading back up. 
Clean my camera


a mostly uneventful day. I was thinking I kinda wish I had bought a gym membership, odds are I probably couldn't have afforded one anyways, but I don't know. I wish I had more access to a range of equipment.My friends came over earlier today, but... I didn't answer the door, anxiety, yeah. Monday should be interesting, the weather has been nice.