I Went Overboard

Yesterday, for the first time... I went OVER my daily calorie in take by 90! I'm so disappointed. Where I went wrong was just being a little careless. I had desert yesterday, about a cup of toffee ice cream with some butter cookies, but that wasn't the issue (though avoiding sweets like these has been something I've practiced pretty much all year), I snacked several times through the day on chips, I dumped away so many calories in chips, I lost my sense of moderation. Plus when I recalibrated my  new weight in My Fitness Pal I was given a new calorie in take that was ironically 90 less than my previous, and that's exactly how much I went over. So today it is back to the new normal, my new daily in take is suppose to be 3610, but I'm going to eat half or less than half that for now on. There will be no more going over. I was doing so good I think I let my recent weightloss  loss get in my head a bit, which was something I feared would happen, but I won't let it to allow me to be so wreckless again.

I'm suppose to go walking at the park today. The walking track at the park is a mile and a half long, I was hoping to do 2 laps, for a total of 3, but the weather is looking like it may derail this plan. It was raining this morning and it's been windy, it looks like a thunderstorm is in the works.


  1. I have a dumb question I hope you can help with please? I would like to eat more calories too. If 3500 is a pound won't we gain if we eat over that?

    Thank you.

    1. I use an app called my fitness pal, it's on iOS and Android and also a website. I put in my weight and hieght and it gave me the amount of calories I should eat to lose weight. Based off my information the amount for me is 3,610. If I go below that I get even better results.

      So basically it's all about the individual. I recommend you go to that site or use that app and put in the information to find out what is right for you


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