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Crash Landing

Yesterday I suffered a dizzy spell, or episode, like no other. It was after therapy which went swell, I'm really getting a lot out of it, and  lately my emotional state seems overall better balanced than before I sought counseling. Back to the point, I was at home, hours later I was in my room on the computer, resting my back, and my mom told me dinner was done. I finished what I was doing popped up and proceeded to head into the kitchen, but as I made my way towards the doorway of the living room I felt lightheaded, so I stopped to kind of collect myself for a moment. I remember tracing my hands along the framing of the doorway, and the next thing I know I hear my mom yelling and screaming my name, I had completely passed, fainted, whatever you want to call it.

I fell backwards hard into the hallway closet door and then to the floor. Apparently as my mom was panicking and yelling my name I was unresponsive and jerking, she described it like  I was having a seizure or stroke, it d…

Boot Camp Week Second Edition [suspended]

I don't know what caused it but I woke up with terrible lower back pain, so severe that I can't even stand upright for very long. I have a very high threshold of pain and don't throw around that phrase loosely, but I had to pop some ibuprofen to reduce the pain. To aid to a less than stellar start I had to come to terms with the fact that last night I had broken my few months old new glasses. It was devastating! I of course blamed my weight, as I had taken them off while on the bed, but I mistook the foreign object I felt for a pencil, which turned out to be my glasses. Snap! I briefly entered a incredibly toxic extremely dark state of mind, it lasted maybe 10 minutes, but the severity of my angry at myself was massive and destructive to say the least. Once I had gotten out of that cloud I was kind of shocked just how fast that escalated, and just how fast it was gone. Definitely something I'll be bringing up in therapy tomorrow.

So Fitness part of boot camp week is be…

Book Camp Week 2nd Edition: Day One

We are off to a great start so far. I got a great nights sleep. I went to bed around 10:30pm and awoke at 7am. In terms of hours, that's an ideal length of time, but I woke up tired,  and fell back asleep for a few more hours, and when I awoke again, I still felt tired. I had the weird sensation that I could sleep the day away, but I got up, got to it.

It's bee such a long time since I've done one of my in-door multi-muscle walks (or general fitness walking) that I was quickly humbled by the 1 mile all over again, it certainly kicked my butt and has me terrified of the coming days mileage increases, it's  hard to think that I was previously doing them.

I had a nice big bowl of cereal for breakfast with an iced cinnamon roll.

For lunch I made a mesquite turkey sandwich with a single piece of wheat bread, some spicy mustard

For dinner I had chicken patties and hash browns.

Total calories for the day 1,711. I stayed below the 2,000 goal, but no fruits or veggies. The plan…

The Week Ahead

The Second Edition of Book Camp Week Is nearly upon us, here is a quick run down of the weeks agenda.

In-door workout video every single day start Monday with the 1 mile multi-muscle workout and increase every until I get to the 4 mile. The week will look like this

Monday 1 mile

Tuesday 2 mile

Wednesday 3 mile

Thursday 4 mile

Friday 4 mile!

I am suspending my potato/corn chip consumption indefinitely. This will continue beyond this week and will prove to be a bigger challenge, but what better time to start.

Food goals, Have fruit or vegetable every single day, and stay below 2,000 calories. Seemingly simple.

Metal Health Goals, read my book, I've already begun de-cluttering my room and the serenity is setting in so I just need to finish that up (progress!), do my homework for therapy (I have not been doing them). Get to bed earlier. Minimize time on Facebook.