The Week Ahead

The Second Edition of Book Camp Week Is nearly upon us, here is a quick run down of the weeks agenda.

In-door workout video every single day start Monday with the 1 mile multi-muscle workout and increase every until I get to the 4 mile. The week will look like this

Monday 1 mile

Tuesday 2 mile

Wednesday 3 mile

Thursday 4 mile

Friday 4 mile!

I am suspending my potato/corn chip consumption indefinitely. This will continue beyond this week and will prove to be a bigger challenge, but what better time to start.

Food goals, Have fruit or vegetable every single day, and stay below 2,000 calories. Seemingly simple.

Metal Health Goals, read my book, I've already begun de-cluttering my room and the serenity is setting in so I just need to finish that up (progress!), do my homework for therapy (I have not been doing them). Get to bed earlier. Minimize time on Facebook.


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    1. Thank you Natalie, now the hard part. Follow through!


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