Crash Landing

Yesterday I suffered a dizzy spell, or episode, like no other. It was after therapy which went swell, I'm really getting a lot out of it, and  lately my emotional state seems overall better balanced than before I sought counseling. Back to the point, I was at home, hours later I was in my room on the computer, resting my back, and my mom told me dinner was done. I finished what I was doing popped up and proceeded to head into the kitchen, but as I made my way towards the doorway of the living room I felt lightheaded, so I stopped to kind of collect myself for a moment. I remember tracing my hands along the framing of the doorway, and the next thing I know I hear my mom yelling and screaming my name, I had completely passed, fainted, whatever you want to call it.

I fell backwards hard into the hallway closet door and then to the floor. Apparently as my mom was panicking and yelling my name I was unresponsive and jerking, she described it like  I was having a seizure or stroke, it didn't last long. When I finally came-to I remember feeling like I had just woken up (like it was a brand new day) and having no recollection having been previously standing (I even asked what's going on), it came back to me of course, but it was startling realizing I was on the floor. I remember laughing when mom said I passed out, for some reason I didn't initially believe her even as began to get up off the hard wood floor from a viewpoint I had literally never been seen. I continued to the kitchen for dinner in a very cavalier sort of way.

Later in the night mom told me just how terrified the episode made her, the part that freaks me out the most is the jerking. I really want to be in denial, maybe that's a part of fainting, I've been too anxious to even do a simple Internet search. Mom wants me to go to the hospital for extensive medical testing. I'm greatly opposed!

In other news my fan stopped working, it was a rather expensive fan I got a few years ago that really hot the job done, it just suddenly died. The iPod touch my friend gave me found its way to the kitchen table with a crushed screen....

It's been a less than stellar couple days.

More soon.


  1. That sounds like a scary experience (for your mum, anyway) and you should certainly see a doctor. Probably best to stay away from the internet search though or you can become convinced you have everything from Ebola to a tumour.

  2. Doctor doctor doctor, please. :)
    Might be as simple as a side effect of the new med, but find out.
    Thinking about you.

  3. Hope your ok. Let us know when you can.


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