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Detour: Hospital With Mom

My mom has been battling bronchitis for what seems like centuries, but it hasn't  helped that she smoked up until just a few days ago. Then she was told for the upteenth time she needed to quit by a physician last week. Mom came down with harsh flu like symptoms the following day, a mere coincidence that she stopped smoking, in fact flu and accute broncitis go hand in hand. I didn't know this until researching after the fact. Her highest temptature a few nights ago was 105 she was a mess, she couldn't get into her primary care doctor because the computers were down, in fact they said not until Monday. Do to schedule conflicts my brother has to use my moms car on Thursdays and Fridays to get to work (which pretty much means the car is gone for two days.

Anyways mom mostly remained in bed yesterday and I made sure she had what she needed, things appeared to improve into today, her temptature got down to 98.something and then went back up to 101 and all the symptoms whiplashe…

A Return To YouTube

I mentioned that I entertained the thought briefly last month sometime, and recently the idea keeps coming back up. So I think I want to start  posting videos about my journey, and various things about weightloss on YouTube again like I was at the crest of last year. The theory is maybe to have a little more fluidity to it than before, but of course when I started it last year, all of this was new and I didn't even know my weight yet.

It's going to be interesting. I'm nervous to have to edit a videos for X amount of time, and have to see and hear myself for however long, but I'm going to go for it, plus it's something else to do. I haven't figured out the structure yet, but hopefully I'll come up with something over the weekend, and will shoot something next week.

So This Happened

I'm officially a member of planet fitness. When I got home early Wednesday morning my mom casually brought up going to the bank and opening up a checking account. I was confused, and she elaborated, and soon (after I ate breakfast) we were on our way. She had mentioned something to this affect last week, but I pretty much didn't think any thing would ever amount of it, but to my complete surprise it had. Later after therapy, I headed up to Planet Fitness to start my membership, though I was ridden with anxiety, I can't quite explain why. I got over it by the time I arrived there, and now it's done. They gave me a Planet Fitness T-Shirt in size 6x (my regular size is 10), I don't dare try it on the idea gives me anxiety, although it is in black.
Next Wednesday I don't have therapy, my therapist is taking another vacation week, she told me I inspire her so she's going rock climbing which she's never  done, I was very surprised by this but also quite flat…

In the Midst

In the midst of empowering a friend, last weekend I got some news that a good friend of mine was getting a heart procedure. I've known this person since I was in high school, and they helped me survive that silently torrid time. She goes about handling things with a certain level of nonchalance that makes it so you can't tell the severity of things, but I knew it was a big deal and it was scary to hear that she would be having it the coming Monday, however that same nonchalance reassured me and I didn't over stress about it. We have been in touch since she has had the procedure, it well, aside from some pain and issues sleeping. She got discharged from the hospital today, which honestly is a relief cause it just made me nervous her being in there even though she was post-procedure .

A lot of things have transpired this week, and seem to keep unfolding and I have yet to workout, but honestly I'm not too worried about that. I've decided to start posting my dinner on …

Empowering A Friend

I spent the last couple of days trying to help a good friend of mine find her worth, shed been feeling really worthless and down lately and has a lot on her plate and on top of that that she's been battling sudden asthma attacks, which her doctors are trying to figure what could be the source. Shes overcome a lot and does a lot for my friend Nick whom she is dating, but he has been grossly taking her for granted. To not vilify the other friend I won't mention all the things that have transpired(ing).

I basically told Melissa she has to have other things to live for, she has her job, and him (and of course Belle of the ball, queen of them all) so when he frequently disappoints her it  doesn't keep reducing her to virtually nothing because he takes up 98% of her metaphorical pie chart. She's 2% of his. I told her she needs some hobbies, maybe start a blog, start (back) looking into social groups in the area, do things that make her happy and feel good for herself. Her ex…

The Weigh-In 7/11/16

Well last week was not a great week, I only worked out a single day, and ate things high in sodium and less  of my chicken and veggie routine. Last week I weighed 380.8, this week 379.6. I lost 1.2lb(s). So there is we have it, one of the lower numbers I've seen in recent weeks.

The agenda for the week is up in the air. I still need to buy a second dumbbell, I'll eventually do that, likely will tomorrow.