In the Midst

In the midst of empowering a friend, last weekend I got some news that a good friend of mine was getting a heart procedure. I've known this person since I was in high school, and they helped me survive that silently torrid time. She goes about handling things with a certain level of nonchalance that makes it so you can't tell the severity of things, but I knew it was a big deal and it was scary to hear that she would be having it the coming Monday, however that same nonchalance reassured me and I didn't over stress about it. We have been in touch since she has had the procedure, it well, aside from some pain and issues sleeping. She got discharged from the hospital today, which honestly is a relief cause it just made me nervous her being in there even though she was post-procedure .

A lot of things have transpired this week, and seem to keep unfolding and I have yet to workout, but honestly I'm not too worried about that. I've decided to start posting my dinner on Instagram daily regardless of what I am actually eating, sometimes I don't eat ideally and I show it cause I haven't been making it a habit to track in MyfitnessPal as often.

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