Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!

Title says it all. I stepped on the scale today and  stood there in disbelief for awhile after realizing I not just gained, but gain the most weight since the week of every-day-pizza eating when my grand mother pasted last year. The scale said I gained a staggering 9.4 pounds. There was Super Bowl Sunday which I let myself indulge, but I didn't go crazy, but the whole week was sloppy. I spent a lot of time at my friends, where there is a lot of junk food,  I ate a lot of chips throughout the week and sugary snack treats and things that were probably loaded with trillions of milligrams of sodium and fat, but I didn't seem to care. I wasn't paying any attention. It was like I was on eating vacation, I was still cautious not to overeat, but that was about it. I especially dropped the ball with water. Had a couple canned sodas which is totally unlike me, I don't like giving calories to fluids (that aren't  soy-milk, orange juice, apple juice etc, and I rarely drink these). Still 9.4 pounds.... that's an incredible devastating  jump up and sends me several weeks back.  I'm currently 419.4. I felt so good last week about being so close to the 300s, then I blew it.

I've prolonged this whole process who knows how much longer. I can already tell this is going to be a rocky week for my mental health.


  1. Gotta live and learn. Start today doing what you know is right and what works for you. You'll see your hard work payoff. And yes, from experience I can tell you when you get lax, it shows on the scale! Keep your chin up!

  2. Forgive yourself and move forward. Consistency is what counts! Kudos to you for coming here and being honest-- it's not easy, but it shows you're committed!


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