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I Was Interesting Once

Wasn't I?

Im Not Sure

I'm blogging because I feel like I need to express some things I can't do on Instagram. The only other platform I cover my weight loss. I don't feel well emotionally. I've been binging daily the past couple weeks. I'm not sure about my place in this world. Or maybe I do and that's the problem, I've told my therapist and psychiatrist that I believe I'm going to die by suicide, this was during a particularly good period I was having. earlier this year, yet the feeling was and is still there, I feel like no matter how much better I get one day I'm just going to be that person that suddenly does it. No one will see it coming because things will have seemed to turn around, but I don't know if they truly turn around at all.
Every time I hear about suicide I sink a bit. They did it. Sometimes I wonder why I haven't done it already in comparison to some of the people that have, people who had far more to live for. My whole purpose in life is to los…