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New Specs

Its been a fast yet long week. Tooth issue still ongoing, can't get in to see the dentist until Monday, and its honestly been a nightmare. I haven't been able to sleep laying down, and sleeping in general hasn't actually happened much, other than the miserable ongoing pain that doesn't leave for very long... things are good!

I had an eye appointment Monday and my new eyes were ready the next day, though I didn't pick them up until after therapy Wednesday. I've been working-out everyday, though since I'm not sleeping laying down I'm thinking of going down to the 3 or 4 mile workout, I've been doing the 5. I'm at the point where I can go it everyday now but I'm not getting adequate rest lately so I'm think of taking it down a notch until this tooth is removed!

Had a nice good lengthy talk with Nathan recently about our weightloss journeys, I'll be updating my weightloss inspiration story on him soon now that he has had two skin removal…

At Symbol So-And-So

Interesting spaces, that's where I've been lately, in between. This is mostly good. I actually think I want to start try meditation, and making more of a point to read my books more. I've been in weird places about my image, from an all time most-content to, things that are or border self-deprecating. I get out of it. I'm a little eager for next months weight in, really hoping I break this 350 plateau, and see where I am at.

I believe I was the subject of some sort of subtle body shaming very recently. I've seen this form before happen to others but it's a first to happen to me. Someone on Instagram left a comment on my Instagram that actually didn't say anything but instead tagged another user. Tagging another user in a comment so they will see a post isn't uncommon, however usually it's something of relevance, something viral, or whathaveyou. Of course the other end of that is trolling, and mocking and to make fun or shame, these things have happ…