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Medical Wazoo

My lab results came back mostly good. Blood pressure and cholesterol are good. Still no signs of diabetes, the kidney function has improved since last time but isn't 100% were the doctor would like it to be, however, my doctor believes  improvement is good and that and will continue to improve, and the theory now is my kidneys may have been effected by the time I had severe high blood pressure and wasn't being treated, which went on for a least a year.

In other news I have to get an MRI on my right knee, the knee has been an ongoing issue and I'm almost fearful of what the the MRI might say, or what what the doctor will suggest I might need too do as I'm quite sure it's a ligament issue that will not resolve on its own.

A Bit Back On Track

After Last Weeks devastating weight-in, I've been pretty nervous about what numbers might be on display when I stepped on the scale today. Last week I weighed 419.4lbs, this week I weigh  414.0, I lost 5.4 pounds. I'm pleased that didn't gain, but I must say something just feels off about still being above 410 (considering that's my peak low). I feel like if I had been on the same pace I had been prior to the weight gain I'd be in the 300s this week. I guess this is still a victory, I'm not doing enough though. I need to add back in my indoor walking regularly.

Last  week

I cut myself off from hanging with my friends, there is too much junk and temptation food over there

Got back to getting in my veggies everyday

Chicken and fish were the main meats of the week

Seen my nutritionist

Redid lab work for my doctor. Which I should be getting results back for any day now.