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It's been an interesting day. I've been a little down for some reason, I think when I'm home I'm just 100% more down, and if I'm staying at a friends I'm just distracted, and while for the most part I enjoy being over at my friend Nick and Melissa's they just have so many unhealthy habits. I ate far too many Oreos this week, I don't know if it will effect the scale, but I made the choice to eat them. I've actually mentioned that they should be making better eating decisions, especially Melissa because all the health things she has going on, but nothing changes. On top of that things are shakey just in general between them, logical rational advice has been given, and not taken. I have to remove myself from that situation, in terms of trying to mediate, also hanging out, watching the passive aggression stresses me out. So it's back to being cooped up in my room for sometime. My friend Mike said he was going to drop by Monday though(completely unr…


I didn't start my journey until late 2014, but I found this old picture recently that gave me a little perspective #facetofacefriday #weightlossjourney #losingweight #healthychoices #BrandonWhoLivesAtHome #obesity A photo posted by Brandon Hall (@brandonwholivesathome) on Jul 22, 2016 at 2:08pm PDT
I posted the above to Instagram earlier, while I do see a difference in the pictures it took me very long time of examination to come to the conclusion, and in the end I decided it was a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless which is something I would have been mentally blocked from acknowledging not too long ago. To be honest the both photos give me anxiety.

I think I found the dumbbell workout I'm going to start doing next week, I looked around quite abit via YouTube and the one I found seems to be the most tame, there are a few parts that are cause for concern though, the squats, and the thing he does around 3:50 where he gets on the floor, on his back, and then does t…

Saying Things

Today is the last day that the movie will be shooting on my street, so tomorrow I'll be going home in the early hours. Yesterday I forgot to capture my dinner on Instagram, it just escaped me. I had subway, Italian B.M.T. I had that last week as well. I cut my beard and sideburns off recently because the beard created the illusion that my face was thinner than it actually is, but it just hides what actually is there, so snip snip.

Today I watched Batman Vs. Superman, that was a pretty good time I haven't been much into superhero movies in the last few years, but I really enjoyed this and I already like Ben Affleck as Batman more than Christian Bale in those boring Dark Knight movies, and I'm a really big Batman (DC Comics) fan but did not like those movies and I know I'm in the minority on that, but whatever!

When I get home I really have to get back into exercising. I don't like how I'm feeling lately like I'm not doing enough, because I'm not. So it&…

Low Profile

Well, not too much going on today, still laying low from the media spotlight that has descended on my street this week by staying at my friends. It's been interesting so far, I'm itching to get in the gym but also very nervous, I recently watched a video from someone else on a weight loss journey where someone was recording them just to make fun of them, and then there is that more recent incident with the model body shaming that woman in the changing room at the gym. It all has me pretty on edge.

It more interesting news I started backing up all my photos and videos I had on my computer, it took literally 3 days I just let it do its thing, but I didn't realize just what had been laying around on the hard drive. It categorized things by year, month, and day, things went back pretty far. Some I was aware, a lot I completely forgot. Eventually those older photos (even videos) will pop up here.

Lights, Camera, Action

I didn't get to the gym yesterday, my brother had to use the car yet again, so it was gone all day, but yesterday I did finally decide to clean my cameras sensor and lenses after over a year since buying that cleaning kit. Still won't be going out and shooting anything, but I'm ready to make videos whenever I decide to do that. Here is something interesting... I was solicited by someone from Herbalife on Instagram wanting me to  potentially use and promote their product. I never replied to the message and don't intend to, but I have seen a lot of people hawking their products, some whom I follow who are on weightloss journeys and I guess have taken leaps of faith. Anyways, I guess their line of products are very broad, none of which  are for me. I just thought that was interesting

In more interesting anxiety intensifying news, there is a movie Shooting for Lifetime on my street this week, about some singer from 90s and some record label(clearly I'm well invested),…

Surgery Is The Game, Gastric Bypass Is The Name

I mentioned before that my aunt had been looking to getting weight loss surgery. Well she is, she is getting the gastric bypass on the 28th of this month, I also mentioned I had not formulated an opinion. This had a lot to do with the fact that I was entertaining the idea that she maybe wasn't taking the idea of the entire procedure seriously, that this is just a quick fix to her.

Mom told me just recently that she and my grandmother are actually against it, and my grandmother has told her she should just try to lose it naturally. My mother is more concerned because my doesn't tend to do things as she should. My aunt is diabetic as is, but she doesn't take her medication as she she should; not to mention recently being switched to insulin (via needle) for not following proper diet and she is still not following proper diet. Mom was discussing with me how concerned she was about the whole thing, I told her she should voice all her concerns to her and let her know how she&#…

The Weigh-in 7/18/16

It was a pretty interesting week last week, seemed like a lot was coming at me. I didn't exercise once last week despite finally getting a Planet Fitness membership. Eating remained mostly solid, though the beginning of the week was iffy, I had some less healthy  fast food with friends. Last week I weighed 379.6, this week I weigh 377.2. I lost 2.4lbs.

My plan is to go to the gym at least 3-4 times this week and get in a decent amount of cardio, tredmill aswell as the exercise bike, going to scope out the other machines as well. I'm also going to start using my Dumbbells at home this week.

The Family Buisness

To say I am in awe at the person my brother has become is a bit of an understatement, but I had to think to myself of the now real possibility  that I've become the lone  letdown of a son. My brother has gotten a job in welding and is a hit at the workplace. Ever since he has come home he has talked about welding with a level of passing that is admirable, but I honestly wondered if it would actually last until he got to working. It has. The passion, and enthusiasm is still there if not more, he really loves what he does. He is even going to go back to school later in the year or early next year, to help further his career in welding. My other brother is now looking into the field while currently in Texas. He is currently a welder's assistant. He is going to take the necessary steps to be a qualified welder himself within the year, but is also looking into going to school for other things (that's the brother that's insanely talented with art), he is actually working tw…