Lights, Camera, Action

I didn't get to the gym yesterday, my brother had to use the car yet again, so it was gone all day, but yesterday I did finally decide to clean my cameras sensor and lenses after over a year since buying that cleaning kit. Still won't be going out and shooting anything, but I'm ready to make videos whenever I decide to do that. Here is something interesting... I was solicited by someone from Herbalife on Instagram wanting me to  potentially use and promote their product. I never replied to the message and don't intend to, but I have seen a lot of people hawking their products, some whom I follow who are on weightloss journeys and I guess have taken leaps of faith. Anyways, I guess their line of products are very broad, none of which  are for me. I just thought that was interesting

In more interesting anxiety intensifying news, there is a movie Shooting for Lifetime on my street this week, about some singer from 90s and some record label(clearly I'm well invested), tons of people have come out to watch the filming, there are just so many people everywhere, so many flat stomached people on the film crew... Our street is blocked off on one side, it's complete chaos, I have no idea how I'm going to leave the house this week because this is the stuff of my nightmares! So there is that. I'll have to do anything I need to do in the morning.


Seems I managed to slip out while production got a little slower (and they allowed a bit more access to my street) I'm now at my friends Nick and Melissa's for a few days. Laying low from the media spotlight.


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