Surgery Is The Game, Gastric Bypass Is The Name

I mentioned before that my aunt had been looking to getting weight loss surgery. Well she is, she is getting the gastric bypass on the 28th of this month, I also mentioned I had not formulated an opinion. This had a lot to do with the fact that I was entertaining the idea that she maybe wasn't taking the idea of the entire procedure seriously, that this is just a quick fix to her.

Mom told me just recently that she and my grandmother are actually against it, and my grandmother has told her she should just try to lose it naturally. My mother is more concerned because my doesn't tend to do things as she should. My aunt is diabetic as is, but she doesn't take her medication as she she should; not to mention recently being switched to insulin (via needle) for not following proper diet and she is still not following proper diet. Mom was discussing with me how concerned she was about the whole thing, I told her she should voice all her concerns to her and let her know how she's feeling and why. She actually did, but my aunt is stubborn and is going through with it anyways.

In a perfect scenario my aunt will get the surgery and follow the post-op instructions and everything will be fine, my mom seems less interested in the surgery now after learning more about it, she doesn't think it be good for her.


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