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Today is the last day that the movie will be shooting on my street, so tomorrow I'll be going home in the early hours. Yesterday I forgot to capture my dinner on Instagram, it just escaped me. I had subway, Italian B.M.T. I had that last week as well. I cut my beard and sideburns off recently because the beard created the illusion that my face was thinner than it actually is, but it just hides what actually is there, so snip snip.

Today I watched Batman Vs. Superman, that was a pretty good time I haven't been much into superhero movies in the last few years, but I really enjoyed this and I already like Ben Affleck as Batman more than Christian Bale in those boring Dark Knight movies, and I'm a really big Batman (DC Comics) fan but did not like those movies and I know I'm in the minority on that, but whatever!

When I get home I really have to get back into exercising. I don't like how I'm feeling lately like I'm not doing enough, because I'm not. So it's time I get back into focusing on the journey first, and taking things more seriously.

Here is an old photo I took awhile back of some bubbles


  1. You take very good pictures! I have no eye for it.

    1. Well thank you! I do enjoy it, hopefully one of these days I'll start shooting again. It's crossed my mind. Though I'd like to lower the LBs some more 😅


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