Low Profile

Well, not too much going on today, still laying low from the media spotlight that has descended on my street this week by staying at my friends. It's been interesting so far, I'm itching to get in the gym but also very nervous, I recently watched a video from someone else on a weight loss journey where someone was recording them just to make fun of them, and then there is that more recent incident with the model body shaming that woman in the changing room at the gym. It all has me pretty on edge.

It more interesting news I started backing up all my photos and videos I had on my computer, it took literally 3 days I just let it do its thing, but I didn't realize just what had been laying around on the hard drive. It categorized things by year, month, and day, things went back pretty far. Some I was aware, a lot I completely forgot. Eventually those older photos (even videos) will pop up here.


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