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Losecember Weigh-in Week 2

Another week down, and another weigh-in is upon us. Last week I weighed 433.0, this week 431.9. I lost 1.7 pounds. My eating wasn't as strict as the first week, mom made a chocolate cake, and normally I would avoid completely, but this time I decided to indulge, and everyday I had a slice of that cake, I didn't go as well with my meals in general. I still did okay, but could have done better, this week I will certainly follow in week ones footsteps,. I'm not sure why I let myself take part in that cake, it was loaded in sugar, and sodium.

Miles everyday this week, as per Losecember weekly agenda.
No more indulgences.
More veggies. More fruit.

Oh, Its Sunday

Well that week went pretty fast. It was another pretty solid week. I managed to crack 2,000 calories a few times as well. A did lose momentum with the miles throughout the week though, and by Thursday I contemplated skipping entirely, I didn't, but ended doing my walk at 11:30pm, same for Friday. It was a good call adding the increase days at the start of the week.

The coming week I think I'll add the 3 mile for Monday, 2miles for Tuesday, the back to 1's for the rest f the week. Read, maybe draw.

I have an appoint with the nutritionist Tuesday. Almost half the month is over already, time seems to be zipping by, almost to spite me. The family will be making Christmas Dinner, various members will be making various dishes, I guess this means it will be at Grandmas house, sometimes it's at a particular uncles lavish house(not the one I've mentioned on this blog, though equally unsavory). The chances of me going in either case are comically low. I'm just not up for…