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Emotional Attachment To Food

I discovered not too long ago that I still have a ways to go before Ive perfected a healthy relationship with food. No this isn't about me making a mistake and falling off the wagon, no things are still going well. But I had a reaction earlier today that made me judge myself. It all had to deal with two pieces of chicken. My mother had 3, but I only had two, and I was upset, I made a big thing over it because in my mind it was the principle.

The truth is it was ridiculous, I only needed the two, and in the end that's all I got. After my weird tiff I sat back and thought to myself so what? Why did that even matter, Ive been dieting and exercising for awhile now and this shouldn't have been a big deal. I should have embraced it, but its almost like for a short time I lost sight what I had been doing, and what I was working for. As much as I've cut back, there still seems to be some deep-seeded attachment to food, and now I know I have to train my mind as much as my body,…

Weekend Rest Period.

Its officially Saturday and my weekend has begun. During the week I did 2 miles a day of multi-muscle walking, totaling 10! 

I walked 10 miles last week! That feels incredible, I'm so proud of myself, that is quite literally double what I did the week  before.  

Now I'm going to take a break for the weekend and jump back in full swing Monday.

Opening Up: Filling A Void Obesity Created

Growing up fat was, and is hard. I reached a point where it felt like I had nothing to give or offer, or to look forward to. I wasn’t athletic so I didn’t have sports, I was not an “it” guy so I was never invited to anything. Felt like I had nothing to offer, all this came front and center at a very young age.
I didn’t like going to any hangouts for fear of being made fun of, but mostly the fear of being looked at like a monster kept me away, kept me from going out, and cartoons only get you so far, but then I discovered technology

Polaroid Instant cameras, V-Tech Laptops, real laptops, Macintosh, and of course gaming consoles. They were my escape. The latest and greatest became the apple of my eye. I escaped into a world of digital bliss. With gaming I got to escape to fantasy worlds where I was the hero, where I was in control, a place that was fun for me. Everybody else had their sports and hang outs, I had Spyro the Dragon, Blitz NFL Football, and Donkey Kong on my…

Passing On The Birthday Cake

Yesterday was one of my (six) nephews birthday, he turned 6 and had a little party. I attended the festivity's mostly to take pictures. My nephew was his usual hyper-active self, and come time to blow out the candles I was completely drained, the good news is, I passed on the cake. He had a cool Cupcake-cake that was shaped like a snake (his newest fascination). When I was offered chocolate or vanilla, I politely declined. It was a small victory for my inner self-restraint. Ive been a fan of cake since the year I was born, and turning away such a treat a year ago would simply have not happened. A year ago  I would have indulged, but not this year, not in the year of forward, the year of change, the year of transformation, no way!

Please enjoy this noisy photo from the event.

Using Youtube For Exercise

When I finally decided that exercise was going to need to play a role in my life, the state of Ohio, where I live, started its arctic freeze temperatures. Initially I planned to walk once, or twice a week at a local park, but the cold weather made that less of a logical option for me. For a brief moment, I thought eh Ill just eat well and wait to start walking in spring, but luckily I snapped out of it. I decided I had to be resourceful, so the cold scared me from walking, so what, find a solution, and I did.

I looked up some in-door walking videos on YouTube, I originally got the idea from an old video I remember about an overweight man that lost over 300lbs, and he started it simply by walking in place. So I took a page from his book and sought something I could do in-doors. What I found was a 14-minute video set by Leslie Sansone that equals a mile, and is considered a multi-muscle workout. It was a shock to my system to suddenly attempt walking a mile, even if it was in-doors. The…

I Want A New Life

As you may know, my name is Brandon and I live a home. I'm a big guy, I tip the scale over 500lbs and Ive been big my entire light. My weight has always held me back and its kept me from pursuing my ambitions. Now I'm taking back my life, and I know that all it takes it massive, incredibly consistent hard work, but I can do it. Last year I told myself 2015 is the year everything changes, and I mean that. Ive begun working at it, Ive cut back on eating and Im making much better eating habbits. I made this blog to chonricle my trials and put everything out there for the world to see. I hope that this blog will show my transformation over the next 12 months, and beyond!

This here is me, but not for long.