Using Youtube For Exercise

When I finally decided that exercise was going to need to play a role in my life, the state of Ohio, where I live, started its arctic freeze temperatures. Initially I planned to walk once, or twice a week at a local park, but the cold weather made that less of a logical option for me. For a brief moment, I thought eh Ill just eat well and wait to start walking in spring, but luckily I snapped out of it. I decided I had to be resourceful, so the cold scared me from walking, so what, find a solution, and I did.

I looked up some in-door walking videos on YouTube, I originally got the idea from an old video I remember about an overweight man that lost over 300lbs, and he started it simply by walking in place. So I took a page from his book and sought something I could do in-doors. What I found was a 14-minute video set by Leslie Sansone that equals a mile, and is considered a multi-muscle workout. It was a shock to my system to suddenly attempt walking a mile, even if it was in-doors. There is that old commercial that says a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest. Well my body had been a resting for quite a long time, so the first day of my workout was pretty tough.

As hard as it was, I knew it had to be done, and for a week I did it every day, this was just over a week ago, I'm in week two now, and I started the second part of the video set this week. It added an addition 14minutes, and another mile, totaling two. This second portion added in bit more movement and a range of more motions. I thought adjusting the week prior was tough, but this was tougher, but I've been sticking to it, I'm now 4 days in and no signs of slowing down. I know some people are can do dozens a miles a day, but for me, 2 miles is an achievement, and I love the feeling of knowing I've done something great for my body every day. Every week I plan on increasing the amount of exercise I do, so this is just the start.

Here are the videos in case anyone wants to start walking!
Part One, and Two.


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