Opening Up: Filling A Void Obesity Created

Growing up fat was, and is hard. I reached a point where it felt like I had nothing to give or offer, or to look forward to. I wasn’t athletic so I didn’t have sports, I was not an “it” guy so I was never invited to anything. Felt like I had nothing to offer, all this came front and center at a very young age.
I didn’t like going to any hangouts for fear of being made fun of, but mostly the fear of being looked at like a monster kept me away, kept me from going out, and cartoons only get you so far, but then I discovered technology

Polaroid Instant cameras, V-Tech Laptops, real laptops, Macintosh, and of course gaming consoles. They were my escape. The latest and greatest became the apple of my eye. I escaped into a world of digital bliss. With gaming I got to escape to fantasy worlds where I was the hero, where I was in control, a place that was fun for me. Everybody else had their sports and hang outs, I had Spyro the Dragon, Blitz NFL Football, and Donkey Kong on my GameBoy Pocket. I found that I got less harsh attention in school if I had the latest gadget, and I always did, but eventually the that came apart too. I became a computer geek in my own mind. Who knows what they thought of me, but the best part of it all was that, much like food, technology made me happy. I really enjoyed having it, reading about it, thinking about it. Technology not only filled a void in my life, but it was also my anti-drug, to this day Ive never tried a single cigerate, or anything else along those lines for the matter.

I guess the take away from this story is this, being overweight can be rough, but it is important that you find something to even you out, I cant imagine the person I would be if I hadn't discovered my interest for technology and dived right in, dwelling that would have been in its place might have changed my personality, my entire being. This principle can apply to any walk of life, even if its something small, find something that makes you happy and dive into to it.


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