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Vegetable Soup

Mom made a huge pot a vegetable soup yesterday and it's delicious. A great way to start the month I think, no? We have a least a couple days worth left, well at least two more, it tasted even better today.  Maybe this is the month of soups and chillis? It actually sounds greatly appealing, more so than pizza, my Achilles-heel, which I haven't really wanted, but I haven't really not-wanted.I haven't wanted anything which is kind odd I think.

My oldest nephew (15) was supposed to make a brief visit today (but didn't), he has been having more trouble with school, and not doing home work, or even mentioning that he has it. He is more worried about looking hip and cool, very much sounds like "typical teen" but it is rather disappointing, I didn't so much have that need be hip and cool as a teenager, being morbidly obese kind of sidelined that, I certainly wanted to be popular though, thinking back I had a lot of prespective because of my obesity. Sometimes…

October Memories

The weekend draws near, and guess what, it's official, it's October, a bittersweet month for me. I loved Halloween as a child in spite of my weight, you see my size limited my option of costumes and mostly I did not dress up at all. I remember when mom made this big elaborate robot costume out of cardboard boxes, it was so uncomfortable but looked pretty darn cool. It was one if the last true costumes I ever wore. I was probably 6 or 7, it took what seemed like hours to create that thing we were very proud of it though.

As I mentioned though, my weight caused issues with dressing up, so later I mostly opted for nothing, or a simple single mask. I used to love Halloween for many reasons the free candy, the school parties, the Halloween specials of my favorite tv shows, but it began the kickoff before my favorite holiday Christmas. I would start my Christmas list around now.

Really though I loved watching scary move marathons, as well as the less spooky, more family oriented, or…

The Weigh-in

Lets get straight to it. Last week I was 448.2 pounds, this week I am 444.8. Down 3.4 pounds.

I discovered yesterday that the psychiatrists office called Friday at some point and left a message. For whatever reason the phone didn't ring, anyways, it wasn't until yesterday that I discover that my FREAKING MONDAY APPOINTMENT WITH THE PSYCHIATRIST HAD BEEN DELAYED YET ANOTHER WEEK!!!!! I'm at my whits end on this situation, I think this is number 5 or 6. I like my psychiatrist even though I've only seen her a total of maybe 3 times since having to switch from the previous because of the infamous...  incident. I didn't have these issues with my last one however! I don't want to have to consider looking for a new psychiatrist, I really don't. The very idea gives me anxiety, but if they somehow have some need to push back yet another week, I think I'll have no choice.

I did make it to my primary doctor today,  blood pressure was perfectly normal. I mentioned …