The Weigh-in

Lets get straight to it. Last week I was 448.2 pounds, this week I am 444.8. Down 3.4 pounds.

I discovered yesterday that the psychiatrists office called Friday at some point and left a message. For whatever reason the phone didn't ring, anyways, it wasn't until yesterday that I discover that my FREAKING MONDAY APPOINTMENT WITH THE PSYCHIATRIST HAD BEEN DELAYED YET ANOTHER WEEK!!!!! I'm at my whits end on this situation, I think this is number 5 or 6. I like my psychiatrist even though I've only seen her a total of maybe 3 times since having to switch from the previous because of the infamous...  incident. I didn't have these issues with my last one however! I don't want to have to consider looking for a new psychiatrist, I really don't. The very idea gives me anxiety, but if they somehow have some need to push back yet another week, I think I'll have no choice.

I did make it to my primary doctor today,  blood pressure was perfectly normal. I mentioned the fainting. She was really perplexed by it, she wants to get some blood work done, and for me to discuss it with my psychiatrist if I can get in to see her this year soon. Pending blood work she may order more extensive testing. Also she wants to revisit the vitamin D deficiency thing, I failed to mention I stopped taking that medication.

My agenda for the week is uncertain


  1. Way to go on the weight loss, you are doing so well :)

  2. You can do this. You are doing this. Take the frakking vitamin D already! Talk to your case worker or therapist about the constant psychiatrist delays, and have them make calls on your behalf. You can do this! You are doing this!

    1. Thank you, and it was actually my case worker who initially brought up maybe switching, I really would prefer not to. So far it looks like Mondays appointment is still a go.


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