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Keeping On

I'm down 0.6 this week, making my current weight 397.6. Last week wasn't  particularly stellar.
I've had a poor eating week this so far, so I anticipate a gain already for next week. Hopefully I will be in a better place next week. I just kind of got in a sort of "don't care" mentality. I've been having increased anxiety lately  so-much-so that I'm thinking anxiety may actually be my bigger issue between that and depression.

If I can just add regular exercise into my routines it would really boost my weightloss but I'm still not mentally there to do my indoor videos, or go walking, and I've considered asking for a planet fitness membership but I've changed my mind.

I have been reading my book lately, the Longest Evening Of The Year, and doing my homework for therapy. Those are some good things I guess.