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Nothing Dramatic To See Here

Today I have been taking it easy. Been doing some reading, getting further in my book, catching up on the show House Of Cards, watched my youngest nephew  for a few hours. Just been trying to fill the empty space up a little better. I'd like to read more of my book before the night is over as well as start reading the walking dead comics I got into a long time ago, those too are taking up too much space on my iPad.

The blog looks different, I'm not quite sure how long this will last, I'm still trying to figure out what look I'm going for, and if I feel like making a banner or not etc... The last one was actually way out of the element for me, I liked the style of it but it didn't really fit this blog to me.

What's The Point Again?

Well the past few days have been all over the place and my anxiety seems to keep shooting to the extreme. Yesterday I actually got in to see my psychiatrist, if you've been keeping track you know impromptu cancellations are something I pretty I have to expect. Luckily there were no last minute surprises. To get straight to the point, my psychiatrist thinks I should consider an out patient program, I forget all of the things they entail it would likely be similar to the behavioral  health pavilion, I will not follow up on that. In other news she also increased my antidepressant (Prozac), I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this coming, yet I was still disappointed. It turns out that when they increased my ADHD medication  few months back the pharmacy made an error and put on the bottle that it needed to be taken before bed, which I was quite upset my psychiatrist didn't tell me about as it's quite a change from in the morning, but I just went with it, but it was in…

Pensive Face Emoji

It's been an interesting day, yesterday was my moms birthday I forgot to mention that. I was eventually overcome with a sweeping depressive haze that had me in sleeping spells I had to make it a point NOT to sleep the day away. My mom had a seemingly nice day, I was battling the dark haze however, and I guess my mom could tell cause she had to make a trip to Walmart and asked me to ride with her "just to get out of the house", I actually agreed but told her right away I wouldn't go in.

Today I had my follow-up appointment regarding the work I had a week ago, everything was good even the vitamin D, but there was one issue (so technically everything wasn't good), and I could tell as she was going through the list of everything that was good and perfect that she was leading to something, but for some reason I had not jumped to conclusions like usual. So it's my kidneys. Last time we tested they had slightly improved from before and we figured 'well this is …

Weigh-in And The Week Ahead

Last week eating wise was pretty stellar, fruits and veggies pretty much every day. I stuck to my no chips agenda. I dropped the ball with working out though. While at my friends I did stay away from the many temptation foods, although I did have a donut on national donut day (apparently that's a thing, just like national chocolate bar day and national hard candy day... I kid about the last two). They did make some kind of cheesy Tater-tot casserole that looked delicious but it just had entirely too much going on.

Last week I weighed 394.6, this week I weigh 389.8. I lost 4.8 pounds. It's interesting I lost so much in a week where my psychical activity was lower than the week prior, this seems to be the trend.

My plans for this week include but are not limited to doing my indoor miles everyday, reading, watching some movies and catching up on some to shows. I also have a follow up appointment tomorrow with my doctor and my psychiatrist appointment Wednesday.


Seems as though yet another week will be here before I know it. Last week I had some decent agendas, read everyday, no eating chips, workout everyday. The only thing I stuck to, however, was not eating chips. I only read once, and I only worked out one day.

I ended going over to my friends house mid week and that threw off my working out completely, and too many distractions to read, but I did not indulge in temptation while over there. I was over there for a couple days. My friend Nick got himself into a bit of a situation when he was driving home from work one day and a guy cut him off, and so Nick honked his horn at the guy. Well at some point the guy ends up behind him and is tailing him, legitimately following. He calls Melissa (bad idea) as he is heading home, she becomes unhinged, she suggests going to the police station (among many, many other things short of having a magical genie in a bottle could not have been done) which Nick was already en route to, at some point we can …