Weigh-in And The Week Ahead

Last week eating wise was pretty stellar, fruits and veggies pretty much every day. I stuck to my no chips agenda. I dropped the ball with working out though. While at my friends I did stay away from the many temptation foods, although I did have a donut on national donut day (apparently that's a thing, just like national chocolate bar day and national hard candy day... I kid about the last two). They did make some kind of cheesy Tater-tot casserole that looked delicious but it just had entirely too much going on.

Last week I weighed 394.6, this week I weigh 389.8. I lost 4.8 pounds. It's interesting I lost so much in a week where my psychical activity was lower than the week prior, this seems to be the trend.

My plans for this week include but are not limited to doing my indoor miles everyday, reading, watching some movies and catching up on some to shows. I also have a follow up appointment tomorrow with my doctor and my psychiatrist appointment Wednesday.

This is quite problematic, I'm wearing the exact outfit in both pictures I've spent so much time time staring this side-by-sides down trying to figure out if there is a difference, but all its really done is given me anxiety. I honestly thought there would be a striking difference between these photos, but there isn't....


  1. Way to go on a great loss. There is a big difference in the pictures. I'm happy for you.


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