Seems as though yet another week will be here before I know it. Last week I had some decent agendas, read everyday, no eating chips, workout everyday. The only thing I stuck to, however, was not eating chips. I only read once, and I only worked out one day.

I ended going over to my friends house mid week and that threw off my working out completely, and too many distractions to read, but I did not indulge in temptation while over there. I was over there for a couple days. My friend Nick got himself into a bit of a situation when he was driving home from work one day and a guy cut him off, and so Nick honked his horn at the guy. Well at some point the guy ends up behind him and is tailing him, legitimately following. He calls Melissa (bad idea) as he is heading home, she becomes unhinged, she suggests going to the police station (among many, many other things short of having a magical genie in a bottle could not have been done) which Nick was already en route to, at some point we can actually hear the guy pull up to Nick in the car  scream some expletives and finally end the pursuit.

Nick continues talking to Melisa for a bit who is being... less-than-helpful,making an already high intensity situation, worse. She's raising her voice, throwing out irrational, and illogical ideas, by now Nick is on his way home and he informs her he is almost there and they hang up. She goes on about how she tells him not to beep at people  yadayada, he needs to get that guys license plate, I immediately tell her how crazy it would be for him to start cruising around for that guys license plate as it might send the wrong idea, they have 3 cars between the two of them, at the very least he should come home and switch cars.  I forgot to mention during that guys explicative tirade they found out that they live in the same apartments, but not in the same complex. Anyways she eventually started freaking out about why Nick had not returned home yet, and I pretty much connected those dots. I told her honestly he probably is a bit further a way than  he claimed, but he was just trying to get off of the phone, that she had not exactly been helping that situation a bit by becoming overly emotional. It's then she literally yelled at me to "stop", several times, I tried to go on to say "I'm just trying to help you understand how this came across" once again the yelling at the top of the lungs, "stop!". I'm so taken a back at this point I think I might have literally said "wow" nothing else could be formulated, she grabbed the dog and stormed up stairs but not before saying she doesn't "need this shit."

Nick arrives shortly after I inform him of the blowout, but I need to distract myself from that (because honestly that really did get under my skin) he fills me in on what happened. Turns out that since they both live in the same area the guy assumed after Nick honked at him that he (Nick)was following him, but later switched and started following Nick, but neither decided to actually go home and Nick decided to head towards the police station yadayada. They are still worried that if they guy sees his car he may do something to it. Nick eventually goes to talk to Melissa. X amount of time goes by she comes down and apologizes, in the midst of this apology she also manages to places blame on me "when I'm stressed out people can't lecture me." I didn't say anything I just nodded my head, and she retreated back upstairs. I soon went home.

I'm a pretty forgiving person, but the element about this that bothers me is the being so completely unreasonable while simultaneously making me feel unheard which is a longstanding issue I have with people in general, and quite honestly it was just rude, I've never ever done anything to deserve that, it made me feel quite low, it actually opened a lot of old wounds. I keep flashing back to times when I had this exact feeling in elementary school, not sure why the early years stick out, but they do.


  1. I'm glad Melissa at least apologized; she way overreacted. In this day and age of road rage, it's best to be careful with aggressive drivers.

    Is Melissa the friend undergoing cancer treatment? Maybe she is just very stressed out. Don't let it get you down.

  2. Melissa is indeed the one with cancer. And she is quite stressed out, I am closeted thing to a confidant she has and yet still the situation very much got to me. I'm afraid I down played the impact it had on me quite severely, but unfortunately it did.


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