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Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!

Title says it all. I stepped on the scale today and  stood there in disbelief for awhile after realizing I not just gained, but gain the most weight since the week of every-day-pizza eating when my grand mother pasted last year. The scale said I gained a staggering 9.4 pounds. There was Super Bowl Sunday which I let myself indulge, but I didn't go crazy, but the whole week was sloppy. I spent a lot of time at my friends, where there is a lot of junk food,  I ate a lot of chips throughout the week and sugary snack treats and things that were probably loaded with trillions of milligrams of sodium and fat, but I didn't seem to care. I wasn't paying any attention. It was like I was on eating vacation, I was still cautious not to overeat, but that was about it. I especially dropped the ball with water. Had a couple canned sodas which is totally unlike me, I don't like giving calories to fluids (that aren't  soy-milk, orange juice, apple juice etc, and I rarely drink the…