Passing On The Birthday Cake

Yesterday was one of my (six) nephews birthday, he turned 6 and had a little party. I attended the festivity's mostly to take pictures. My nephew was his usual hyper-active self, and come time to blow out the candles I was completely drained, the good news is, I passed on the cake. He had a cool Cupcake-cake that was shaped like a snake (his newest fascination). When I was offered chocolate or vanilla, I politely declined. It was a small victory for my inner self-restraint. Ive been a fan of cake since the year I was born, and turning away such a treat a year ago would simply have not happened. A year ago  I would have indulged, but not this year, not in the year of forward, the year of change, the year of transformation, no way!

Please enjoy this noisy photo from the event.


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