Empowering A Friend

I spent the last couple of days trying to help a good friend of mine find her worth, shed been feeling really worthless and down lately and has a lot on her plate and on top of that that she's been battling sudden asthma attacks, which her doctors are trying to figure what could be the source. Shes overcome a lot and does a lot for my friend Nick whom she is dating, but he has been grossly taking her for granted. To not vilify the other friend I won't mention all the things that have transpired(ing).

I basically told Melissa she has to have other things to live for, she has her job, and him (and of course Belle of the ball, queen of them all) so when he frequently disappoints her it  doesn't keep reducing her to virtually nothing because he takes up 98% of her metaphorical pie chart. She's 2% of his. I told her she needs some hobbies, maybe start a blog, start (back) looking into social groups in the area, do things that make her happy and feel good for herself. Her ex-husband was abusive and just and awful person he would never let her wear a certain type of shirt, so once they finally got divorced she started wearing those tops, she stopped wearing them in the last year though, she just became a bit more conservative, but also because there was a scar from the thyroid cancer surgery and people tend to stare at it, and it made her self-conscious. I told her I think she own her scar, embrace it, and she admitted that it's actually healed quite nicely now, and would eventually be gone. She decided, yeah, she was going to (embrace the scar), and she  was going to wear her hair down put on some make up on(this is rare) and  put on one of those tops, then it was off to Walmart (I had to buy that second dumbbell, I also got those clipon sunglasses), then subway.

We had some fun with snapchat filters, this was a good time

Later Melissa confessed that she thinks blogging is something that she will pick up and do. That she will write about her journey with thyroid cancer, she's taken pictures since first day of the operation and obviously has a lot to say. I think it would be very compelling.


  1. You're a good friend to her! I love that you're taking what you have learned on your own journey and helping others. Great job!


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