Detour: Hospital With Mom

My mom has been battling bronchitis for what seems like centuries, but it hasn't  helped that she smoked up until just a few days ago. Then she was told for the upteenth time she needed to quit by a physician last week. Mom came down with harsh flu like symptoms the following day, a mere coincidence that she stopped smoking, in fact flu and accute broncitis go hand in hand. I didn't know this until researching after the fact. Her highest temptature a few nights ago was 105 she was a mess, she couldn't get into her primary care doctor because the computers were down, in fact they said not until Monday. Do to schedule conflicts my brother has to use my moms car on Thursdays and Fridays to get to work (which pretty much means the car is gone for two days.

Anyways mom mostly remained in bed yesterday and I made sure she had what she needed, things appeared to improve into today, her temptature got down to 98.something and then went back up to 101 and all the symptoms whiplashed so we decided to just head to hospital around 730 pm. My brother, Jaedyn and Kieryn and their mom came to visit for awhile, which was nice.

It turns out mom has a UTI, needs to take antibiotics, drink lots of water, take Tylenol and ibuprofen for the various  other symptoms she was dealing with, she was discharged just after midnight. Im glad it's not more serious. I first started writing this when I arrived at the hospital (they have wifi) but then didn't finish it until I got back home, so everything at the start seemed relevant at the time, and in some ways still is. I was sure this was heading to  an obvious diagnosis of the flu....


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