1.4 Miles

I did almost a mile and a half. It's been a while since I walked there, I forgot how the path inclines, and declines, zig zags, curves and tilts. I must say it was very relaxing. I had my new headphones and old MP3 player handy to keep a consistent pace.

Fun fact about my MP3 player, I got it in 2006, it played a strong role in the weightloss I experienced that year from walking at the same park and to and from school. It uses one triple A battery, has a usb connector and a SD card slot. In the years since I've had this I've gone through 5 different generations of  iPod and yet this remains. It's not glamorous, but it works just as well now as it did then


  1. Brandon, I am so proud of your motivation! I am wondering where you live because the photos look a bit like a park I walk in in NC

  2. Great walk! Walking is an exercise I actually enjoy (usually).

    1. Yes, it can be so calming. It was certainly rewarding

  3. That park looks perfect for walking! Great job today..er..yesterday! I love good stuff that stands the test of time. I had one ipod in like 2007 and I haven't had an apple product again. :)


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