Dusting Off The Video Cobwebs

Last year I considered a few times making a return to video blogging, only to have my main computer crash and the remaining laptop have overheating issues which made me give up on the endeavor. Fast forward, recently (like a little over a week ago) I was featured by two weight loss transformation  profiles on Instagram, with the combined attention my Instagram account has grown to nearly a thousand followers. I should note that these accounts typically have people send in there pictures and stories and they will decide if they'll post, but both contacted me asking to feature me which was really affirming because I had been aware of both transformation based profiles and would never have submitted myself at my current state, as good as it may be as a total loss, because I just didn't think it held up. Anyways, because of the influx of followers and questions I ended up shooting a quick video that required no editing and uploaded to my Instagram I actually don't even remember what I said in it now, just that I was grotesquely awkward.

A few days ago I decided to try shooting a regular video for YouTube in hopes that a new less resource heavy program I got wouldn't make my laptop overheat. Well, turns out the software is garbage, and I boldly went back to Sony Vegas, and to my surprise my laptop did not overheat... not even over the the THREE HOURS OF RENDERING TIME! The video is really a rough run, I was sure it wouldn't make its way to YouTube and it cuts off oddly at the end because my camera itself actually overheated which is why in the video I eventually try to wrap it up because I know knew that was in the future however, I got tangled in my thoughts and *Squirrel!* and the camera was dead. I do plan on re-shooting that video, at least the sequence of which I started out and such, but probably not before more generally videos.

Also I have to stop using that fish eye adapter, but I love it! It's not an actual fisheye lens (they are like 600$ for my camera) but shhh.


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