Weight-in came and went and I'm up two pounds, ending November with a thud. I'd like to not repeat last months inconsistency and lack of progress so I'm deaming this month Losecember, pretty ambitious considering the time of the year, I know.

It's the official return of my indoor walking, I need to start burning calories, and being active in some kind of way, after all I was seeing better results earlier in the year when walking.

Chips forget about it, they are done. None for the month. None. I have wheat thins,  (but gosh they are no chip, not by any means). I'm reducing my processed foods by 80%, this will help with sodium. I will also return to daily usage of Myfitness Pal

Someone asked if Triscuts were supposed to be better for us, my nutritionist didn't exactly put them on a pedestal, but even before that recommendation I always thought they were really healthy because of the way they were made. However, the flavor I had, sour cream and chive, was interesting, here's why; my oldest nephew was down for thanksgiving weekend. He was snacking on some barbecue chips, at some point he asked me if I wanted some, I declined as I was eating some Triscuts, but I said "let me see the bag to compare the nutrition facts"(or something like that), they were almost identical. So I'm guessing the really healthy Triscuts, as one might suspect, are the plain ones, which, I simply won't touch, yuck!

Losecember is in effect 


  1. Isn't it interesting how "healthy" food is often just as bad. If it's processed, it's not health food! I don't know what a Triscut is but if I'm going to have junk food I'd rather just have the real thing, tastes better and as you've shown isn't much worse.


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