A Low-Spirited Day

It's been an interesting week so far I've been trying to have a better outlook on things. Today hasn't been one of my better days, it hasn't been terrible, but I've been quite anxious and low-spirited. I had therapy earlier which was nice, I didn't have it last week because my psychiatrist appointment lapsed with it (that isn't supposed to happen by the way, but I digress), and I won't have it next week cause she's going on vacation as well, which works out as I'll be dog sitting.

I've just been a little down today, reflecting upon things, but trying not to dwell. I've decided not to attempt to do the 3 mile indoor workout this week after all, I think I would need to go up in calories that day and lately they have been low. Yesterday I didn't punch anything into MyfitnessPal but didn't have the usual lunch I have which is peanut crackers and several ounces of grapes. I skipped the peanut crackers which  gives me the bulk of calories(200), as well as some protein), and later during my miles I felt off throughout the the entire workout. Perhaps I'll do the 3 miles again one a day that I have red meat.


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