So Long

It's the final day of the week. Today I watched my youngest nephew Kieyrn. That was pretty fun. Not much going on. It's looking like I'm going to have to reschedule my nutritionist appointment  (which I'm supposed to go to on Monday)so I don't inconvenience anyone (except of course my nutritionist, sigh) do to the dog sitting. This weekend I'm actually heading to Nick and Melissa's tomorrow, we are going to go to the store and buying whatever I'll need for this coming week food wise so I don't have to eat their junk.

There won't be a Here's What's For Dinner post today as I'm simply not eating dinner. I had a conversation with my mom this morning  that ended with me feeling very insignificant  which lead me having a series of flashbacks of sort of reliving that insignificance through earlier parts of my life (reliving past bad feelings, hope this trend slows down). It got very deep very fast, my plan was to shut down for the day (but I knew I couldn't completely because my nephew was coming). I may have  used some Distorted Thinking (I'm sure my therapist would be proud I can recognize this) Jumping to conclusions, and Emotional reasoning. Either way I knew I wouldn't be eating much the rest of the day, I did force myself some lunch after my nephew arrived, even though I didn't have the appetite for it. (I haven't done this in awhile)


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