Evil People, With Powerful Things, Do Massive Things

Yesterday was a mild day, I read my book, it just got really good several plots are starting to slowly intertwine. I starting reading my walking dead comics again too, I also watched a movie last night. This morning I woke up to news and headlines of yet another mass shooting  this time some guy killed 50 people in a nightclub. I normally don't speak about these issues, but that's quite a staggering number, and to be honest I haven't been desensitized to mass-shootings yet, as common as they are occurring. What bothers me about these situations is a single person can take a single device and use it repeatable to take dozens upon dozens of lives. They can just walk into a church, a school, a movie theater, a shopping mall, or a club (all of which have happened seperate to this incident)  and decide for any reason or no reason at all  that today's the day that quite a few unknowing people will lose their lives. That's all for that, I'll likely never bring this up again I hardly need to focus on something so dark. Although I'm sure it'll be harder to detach as the media and people in general will likely be on this for awhile.

I followed-up on my friend about my MP3 player that I'm pretty sure I let him borrow last year, I previously asked him about it a little over a week ago. I'm certain it's toast, I got bizarre response that I won't bother going into. Let's say the MP3 fell into the rabbit-hole and the Mad Hatter has it now, it's certain I'll never see it again. It's unfortunate because I'd really like to get some walking done outside, but no music no bueno. I'm  really bored of my indoor mile videos, which I skipped Friday. I was thinking of looking into other workout videos.

Plans for the week. Continuing the working out thing, continue the reading, possibly make an appointment with a kidney specialist, possibly make that MRI appointment. Weigh-in tomorrow, I really don't know how that is going to go. I guess we will see


  1. Hey Brandon. I follow you occasionally and root for you always and just read this post today.

    I found my old iPod in a drawer today, and plugged it in to see if it still works. Would you be interested in having it to help you with your walks? I'd send it to you with the charger and all of my old music on it which probably is of no interest to you but it is still there. You can clean it off and load your own music through your iTunes account or however that works. You are likely more tech savvy than I.

    Anyway, if you have interest in this I'd be happy to send it to you at an address that makes us both feel safe. You can send an email to my blog email address which is Extraordinaryordinarygirl@gmail.com.

    Think about it and let me know. It's been languishing in a drawer for 2 to 3 years and hasn't been used at all.


    1. What a nice thing to do Amanda. You are a very kind person!


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