Since I've been gone

You may have noticed my blog has been rather neglected lately, I just didn't blog in the last several  weeks,  but a lot has happened in that time.

One day I went disc Golfing with some friends for the first time since I was at my peak weight. The first time I went, all the way back in 2013, was a nightmare. I just wasn't physically able to do more than 4 holes, I was exhausted from the small amount I did play, I decided that day I hated the game and would never do it again. It seems I lied. My friends asked me to go to weeks ago on a Monday and I reluctantly agreed.

The experience was ten fold different. We spent several hours on the course hiking through various terrains. I managed to get through all 20 holes, and most importantly I actually had fun. The experience was a night and day difference from the first time I went.

I changed up my eating routine for the umpteent time. It's working out quite nicely so far. It still involves drinking a lot of water, specially in the morning. (05/15/17)

Today (05/19/17) I broke all of the good consistency  I had going with binge eating, I ate an entire box of Little Debbie cakes, I had McDonalds for breakfast, had a pack of pop tarts, and ate my weight in chips and salsa. Yesterday I had McDonalds for breakfast and taco bell for dinner and ate my weight in candy. I'm on a one way collision course to complete and total loss of control and rapid weight regain.

There has been a shake up in the gym schedule, I haven't gone in the past 4 days, and I'm not sure when it will resume or if Ill even still be going with my friend do to his work obligations.

Nick and Melissa are due to have their baby boy any day now.

I'm scheduled to see a new dietitian Monday although I'm just not sure if ill go with the way things have been going with my eating.

I'm trying to force myself into a new frame of thought, its the only way I can continue on, I have to evolve, shed my skin, if not this is all over and Ill gain 200lbs in the next few months


  1. Hey Brandon! Good to hear from you. I feel like this is normal. What once worked may not work now. Instead of giving in, recalibrate and see what you can change to reach your goals. After a few weeks of too many this and thats and too little exercise, I've eaten healthy today and am going to work out tonight. It works for today and I'm grateful for that.


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