Let The Rebounding Begin

Here we go y'all, its Monday, the beginning of a long week. Mondays are just no fun, I think  the only reason I don't like Monday is just the thinking of how many more days of the week are left, but what can you do? Last night I filled out an online application that took 54 minutes to complete! W-T-H? I got to be around 11, and slept quite good so I should have all the energy I need for today's workouts.

I recorded a video the other day discussing some of the goals I have for the year, I originally planned on writing about it, but didn't, so after I did my weekly recap for YouTube (which I normally post here, but it didn't turn out right, I talked really fast and forgot to touchdown on certain things) I decided to cover the goals in video, which incidentally lead to me discussing my insecurities too,  so please take a look at that video.


  1. These are great goals to have! I used to have a lot of anxiety about driving too but now I feel more in control of things if I'm the driver. It also gives you so much more freedom to do what you want, when you want. The only downsides are car maintenance, insurance and gas! And today, waking up to see my poor car encased in ice.

    I love your goal of reading more. I love horror and mystery books too and find that reading helps me sometimes if I am feeling like I want to binge.

    Cooking shows don't trigger me either. In most cases the food is not as simple as what I like to eat so it's just fun to watch.

    I wish you good luck with your goals this year; I know you can accomplish what you want.


    1. Yeah I most certainly want that freedom, I feel so held back by not being able to drive, things I want to do are always on the back burner. Being able to drive means more control, and I want that.

      Thanks Mollie, Im going to do my best to make this year my most progressive yet!


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