Heres How It Went Down

So by 11AM I was completely prepared, showered, groomed, and dressed. I watched some Simpson's to keep my mind from wandering to the elephant in my mind, but the closer to 12 it got, the more the elephant  became clear. My interview was at 1pm, and I left out around 12:20. The drive there was a quiet one, you could hear all the protons, neutrons and electrons coursing through my body. My mind raced with a million billion thoughts, each more intense than the last. Finally we arrived, it was 12:40, my mom wished me good luck (I did a mental sigh), I thanked her, and headed inside.

  Our Wal-Mart is a super center, so its quite large, I went in, but not before noticing my reflection in the glass doors before entering "not completely horrible" I thought, for some reason. I went straight to the service desk, where there was quite a line, I became nervous and anxious, there were so many people, why where there so many people!? Oh yea, its Wal-Mart. I stood there remembering I was early, and maybe I could just wait in line and wait till I reach up front to inform them I was here for the interview,  but the line was moving at a snails pace. I feared time going over 1, so when one of the service clerks looked my way I signaled and said "I'm here for an inter..." her glance in my direction was gone and her attention to me was none, but what I had done was got the attention of the rest of the people towards the back of the line, oh great!

Finally after about 2 minutes, I just walked up, my initial fear of people judging me, or thinking I was cutting went out the window, I informed one of the two ladies at the service desk I was here for an interview, she paged the lady who was going to interview me and told me to wait, meanwhile she complained that she didn't know how they were going to interview me because it was so busy, she also needed money for the register, the girl with her needed to go on break. I was hearing way to much of things I didn't want to hear, finally Sheri, the interviewer arrived. After she helped the two ladies at the service desk with a few things, went in and out of a door in the back several times, we were on our way.

  No the interview couldn't be up front, that would be too easy, we had to walk to the back. She was walking at a fast pace, I tried to keep up, all while trying to hold in my desperate need for air. We made it to the back, where layaway and the restrooms are (and a list of other rooms). She asked me to wait in a chair while she goes to the back to bring up my file, I did. She returned with bad news, the main interviewing room was occupied, she asked if I minded being interviewed here in the open, HELL YES! But I politely said no with a smile. And so it began

She began asking me those typical interview scenario questions, I pretty much knocked those out of the park, the questions were not the problem, the problem was the traffic happening behind me. You see, people were coming back and forth, employees had to go pass us to get to the back end for stocking and clocking in purposes, and customers had to use the bathroom, and even though Sheri was very clearly giving an interview, that stopped very few of her coworkers from distracting her several times, and myself too. Every question I paused or looked back because of some commotion happening behind me, or because her eyes locking on to someone, or because she was simply talking to someone. I hated feeling on display like this. I wondered how many people had overheard my answers and were judging me. Finally the arbitrary questions came to an end.

  Throughout the chaos, me and the Sheri seemed to be clicking, we had a good back and forth, though I must admit, I was taken aback when she asked me if I was a minor before looking at the file...this is the second time in two years someone has mistaken my age for someone below 20. She said I looked very young (had I had my lions mane I'm sure there would have been no question!). She told me they have an three interview process (I'm well aware) and she was going to go to the back and see when the next ones would be, likely right afterwards.

So she left into the ether of the backroom and I sat there, on display alone. Then suddenly Hilary Duff music start playing. When I was in high school I had the biggest crush on Miss Duff, and the song that was playing? The somber Come Clean, my favorite.

"Let the rain fall down, and wake my dreams, let it wash away, my sanity, cause I wanna feel the thunder, I wanna scream, Let the rain fall down, I'm coming clean"

I momentarily relived my youth. How fitting I thought as I listened.

  My original thought to being re-informed about the additional interviews and the potential that they would happen right away was, "no dear god, no! Please give me a separate date" but as I sat there in that area, and as the Hilary Duff Song ended, I thought "No, lets get this over with today! Please come back and send me to the next interview, I don't want this dragged out!" When she finally arrived her first word was "unfortunately" I did an internal eye roll, just my luck. She informs me the other interviewers are too busy, my instant thought, "so no second interview at all? I'm fine with that... I think) but she continued, so we will have to do it tomorrow (my heart sank... another day of anxiety awaits me).

So tomorrow I have the second interview at 2PM. The full effects have not set in just yet. On the ride home I just laughed a bit, and thought if I had gotten that wish I wanted yesterday, for it to be Thursday already, to avoid the interview and get straight to the result, it would have resulted in a Twilight Zone style plot twist where I ended up doing the interview anyways, and Rod Sterling would close the episode with some epilogue about facing your fears. There was no escaping the interview.

Here's to another day of anxiety with potential for yet another day of anxiety


  1. It sounds like you managed to get through that one really well despite all the problems and you made it through to the next round. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. I think you did a good job in a very stressful situation. Tomorrow will probably be a bit easier because you know what to expect now.

    Some of us would love to hear that we look younger than we are! Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Good luck tomorrow; let us know how it goes.


    1. I certainly hope today is easier. I know some people would like to be told they look younger, but I guess with me its a bit different. I went throughout high school with a baby-face, my voice didn't get bass until I nearly graduated, and I wear a lot of weight in my chest, so I didn't feel very masculine. When people would call they would assume I was either a kid or my mom. So I developed this weird complex for wanting to be and appear older. I finally started to get my wish when I was around 20, my facial hair came, and my voice got deeper(sort of). Its still kind of hard thing for me though with the age. I'm 27, I don't know to be flattered of offended by my age being so deeply mistaken.

      But thank you, and I will let you all know how things go.


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