Taking A Mental Health Day

Knocked that drug test out of the way early yesterday morning, now just have to wait for Wal-Mart to get the results and set up orientation. Ive been anxiety free the last 24 hours and it has been great, and I'm really trying to enjoy this weekend, as boring and uneventful as it may end up being. Yesterday I had a bowl of Pops Cereal, Ive always found that to be very bland. I had a sandwich for lunch, and Cod fish for dinner.

Report Card

Diet:  Solid. My stomach is being weird, I didn't eat much yesterday, and yet after I ate lunch I felt like I had stuffed myself like a Thanksgiving Turkey, and several hours later the same thing happened with dinner. I am certainly not stuffing myself, so I don't know why that has been happening. Make up your mind stomach! One day its like I'm not eating enough, next it feels like Ive over done it.

Exercise: Poor. Again I didn't workout, so I only worked out two times last week making my total miles a mere 6.

Water: Excellent.

Sleep: Fair

Mental Health: Decent

I'm planning on fitting at least one mile into my day, but I will just be taking it easy overall, I'm taking a mental health day. Keeping my mind from negative thoughts. Thinking of having a movie marathon. Happy Valentines Day! Hope you all have someone special to spend the day with and exchange heart shape objects and cards. I personally don't, and I used to get pretty down about this day, but not this year for some reason. Once I lose the weight I'm sure Ill actually be able to share these days with someone, a guy can dream right?


  1. Glad to hear you've been anxiety free :) I suffer from anxiety as well - it can be very draining.

    I've never viewed Valentine's Day as a romantic holiday. I've always seen it as for the ones you love, not just THE one you love.

    Enjoy your weekend :) Even though you haven't gotten the exercise in that you'd like, I think it's great that you're managing to keep your eating on track.

  2. Happy Valentine's day! I usually just ignore the day, but it is an excuse to paint hearts. :)


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