Everything has returned to normalcy, for the most part. My oldest brother is back in Texas, all the holiday food is gone, I spent a couple days with nick and Melissa but am home now, and feels as though the year begins its official grind. I'm plotting ways to get more active, it's been really cold lately and I don't really want to go walking out in that, as I don't have a sufficient coat, but I am wanting to walk outside  but I'm not wanting to be inconsistent so I'm not wanting the weather to play such a heavy role.

Seems I've got the 4 mile walk down pretty good now which is 60 minutes. I'm thinking of going up to the 5 mile walk, its the last Leslie Sansone workout I have it tops out at just over an hour so it's not too much longer than the 4 mile  but it immediately starts out at a much faster pace. So that's something I'm going to give a try. I cut my beard off the other day, I was feeling like it was distorting my mind a bit, making me think I looked bigger than I am. I've blogged about this before and of course about it having the complete opposite effect  where I thought it created the illusion Of thinness which was still an issue. I figured after I cut it this time I'd feel pretty good about it but I don't know, I think I just look awkward lol. I'm not obsessing over it or down in the dumps (yet).


My birthday is Friday, the goal for the week is to workout everyday and maintain good eating habits.


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