The Plan For Next Week

I realize I've been doing moderately well with dropping pounds the last couple weeks, but I'd really like to kick it up a notch. I know the coming weigh in wont be pretty, certainly not in comparison to any of the previous weigh ins. Starting Monday I'm going to go on a extreme low calorie diet, 1,200 or less. This will include lots of vegetables. In addition the animalistic, barbaric cravings for all things hamburger, and chili cheese fries, I've also been craving corn. At least I'll be able to calm that craving without guilt. I'm also planning on walking more next week. I only walked twice last week.



  1. I personally don't think extreme low calorie is the way to go, There is the whole thing about your body going into starvation mode and it also sounds very difficult, it's less than half your suggested calorie intake! But on the other hand, I've tried a million diets so I'm not going to critise that! You find what works for you.


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