And So On


Was not an ideal day food wise, I again spent the day at my buddies, we had a horror movie marathon. It was fun, though most of the movies were alarmingly bad (horror-movie-logic is the worst). So my friend talked me into getting Taco Bell yesterday, I got two Chicken Chalupas for lunch, they were awful, I think it was the chicken, I'm just so tired of chicken. It would have been better (and a lot more calories) if I had gotten the beef ones instead. Needless to say I wasn't satisfied at all, and was kind of upset that I indulged a bit but played it safe, and it was a flop. For dinner I had that delicious Velvetta salsa dip. Except my friend convinced me to make major compromises for the sake of sodium, so we didn't use my favorite salsa, or chips, we used low sodium salsa, and no sodium tortilla chips. I'd be lying if I said it didn't impact the taste quite a bit, because it did! It was still good, just not as good, but it has a lot less sodium, but still a ton... I consumed a grand total of 2,610 calories, and 6,450 sodium.


I'm back home now, I think I might actually go back over there next week, maybe. Both days I was over there I broke my weekly calorie goal. Which I think since I've been tracking, I've done it a total of 4 times, granted I'm still below my default goal, but ugh. I know the coming weigh in next week will not have pleasing results, this has been a rather off week for me. I've been over sodium, every single day since last Saturday, which yes, technically the weekends don't count, but it really does put a certain level of perspective on the matter. So to compensate for my over calorie days, I'll be removing the usual full calorie weekend, this weekend.

I started reading my The Simpsons comics yesterday, and loved it, reminded me of my preteen youth, when I first discovered them over summer at the library. I see myself spending a good amount of my weekend knocking out issues. I think I'll also start reading the walking dead comics again. I read a few issues months ago, and just kind of lost interest, but I like it. It's something to do. I have some crocs (the shoes) coming in from Amazon today, or tomorrow. I hope they are as comfortable as I've heard. Yesterday when me and my friend went to buy the ingredients to that velvetta dip (lol, all of three items) we walked around that store for a bit. I didn't feel as anxious as I normally do, though there was still some trace amounts there. I just seemed to be better, it's something about the idea, or knowledge of knowing I'm actively, trying, and have lost weight, that has given me just a little bit more confidence. I feel like for every pound I've lost I've gained a morsel of confidence, particularly post-hospitalization. So that's something.


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