Homework For Therapy

(Ive been putting this off for a week...)

A-Z Write positive characteristic of yourself for each letter in the alphabet.
A. Amusing

B. Bright

C. Careful

D. Deep

E. Earnest

F. Friendly

G. Generous

H. Helpful

I. Intelligent

J. ...

K. Kind

L. Logical

M. Modest (I think?)

N. Natural

O. Outgoing (I'm told)

P. Polite

Q. ...

R. Reliable

S. Sincere

T. Tolerant

U. Understanding

V. Versatile

W. Well-intentioned




  1. You forgot Z! Seriously, how are you supposed to think of something starting with X?

    1. Oh darn it, Z-Zealous

      Lol X- Xenodochial (would you have rolled your eyes if you had seen this on the list? Haha)


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